Name Change FAQs

Will my name change affect any benefits to which I'm entitled?

No. Your benefits -alimony, child support, Social Security payments, disability benefits- are yours. You are entitled to them regardless of what you choose to call yourself legally. Only a name change due to marriage may affect your Social Security benefits. However, in this instance it's getting married that is the determining factor and not the name change.

If you are an adult who has been disabled since childhood, these types of benefits generally stop once you get married. There are some circumstances in which your benefits may be protected if you marry. Please see our section J above, Converting to Your Married Name.

Since the rules are different for different situations, you should consult a Social Security representative for the impact that marriage may have on any benefits you are currently receiving. Whatever situation is applicable, you will need to inform all appropriate authorities of your new name, in writing and usually with a certified copy of your name change decree.

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