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Doing Business As (DBA) Overview:

DBA stands for "doing business as". A DBA is an invented or fictitious business name that your business structure (whether a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation or an LLC) must apply for if your business intends to operate under a name other than it's legal name, the partners’ legal names, or the business entity’s official registered name, respectively. Depending on the state of filing, a DBA may also be referred to as a , fictitious firm name, fictitious business name, assumed business name or trade name filing.

We understand the obstacles that can arise during a business formation or expansion. DBA and fictitious business name filing and publication can be unfamiliar territory for many people and the RushFiling specialists are here to handle it for you. We want the DBA formation process to be simple, fast, and hassle-free for our clients.

With your DBA filing you will lawfully be able to open a bank account, conduct business, collect payments and generally serve to present yourself to the public using your DBA or trade name. While these are important everyday practicalities for your company, the real value of your DBA or trade name filing lies in creating brand recognition. The more commonplace your business name becomes among consumers, the more your customer base is likely to expand and the greater sales and earnings you are apt to realize.

RushFiling specializes in fast DBA filings. We have several expedite and same day options allowing you to have a certified copy of your DBA filing immediately. Click on the Get Started button below and register your business name today!

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Doing Business As (DBA) - How it works:

RushFiling has eliminated the hassle of filing for a DBA with just 3 Easy Steps...

1  Information:
Start the DBA process by filling out a precise online questionnaire developed by our staff of legal advisors. Part of the RushFiling guarantee is that our professionals handle every order personally and that your data remains confidential. Our online questionnaire is free, safe & secure! You can save your work & return to it at any time. You may also call us toll free at 1-888-634-8316.
2  Preparation:
As soon as we receive your completed questionnaire, the experts at RushFiling perform a thorough review of your information including a check for accuracy and to make sure that nothing has been overlooked. We then conduct a comprehensive name search, prepare the proper legal forms, obtain a signature, and file your DBA forms. Publication fees are included in the DBA package cost, excluding Florida and Minnesota.
3  Completion:
Once your DBA has been filed & approved, we will ship your DBA completion package directly to your doorstep. In the meantime, all you have to do is sit back and let the specialists at RushFiling take care of business.

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Doing Business As (DBA) Prices:

We understand the obstacles that can arise during a business formation or expansion. It can be unfamiliar territory for many people and we are here to help. We want the formation process to be simple, fast and hassle free for our clients.

Increase your profits and your company’s reputation by filing a DBA. With the experts at RushFiling, you’ll save time and costly attorney’s fees — one online visit or phone call to our office is all it takes to get started. Family owned and operated, RushFiling is dedicated to providing quality service for our valued clients.

  • Easy! Make only one online visit or call to our online document processing center — we do the rest.
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  • Fast! We start processing your order within 24 hours or less!
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  Doing Business As (DBA) FAQs

Is a fictitious business name the same as DBA?

fictitious business name

A fictitious business name and a DBA or "doing business as" name are one in the same. There's absolutely no difference between the two. A fictitious business name is, in fact, frequently referred to as a DBA and vice versa. It's also often called an assumed business name or a trade name, the latter because it's the name you are using to engage in your chosen trade, occupation or business.

Where should I file my DBA?

You must register your DBA in the state and/or county in which your principal place of business is located. Each state has its own legalities and procedures for registering a DBA, including the requirement that you file your DBA at additional government levels, like a county or municipality.

Do I have to file a DBA if I am using the same name as my corporation or LLC?

No. A DBA is required to be filed only if your corporation or LLC is conducting business under a name other than its legal name as filed with your chosen state. A fictitious business name is not required if you are using the same name as your business entity's legal name. In other words, if the name of your corporation (as filed in the state of Delaware) is the A1 Candy Corporation, but as part of your corporation or LLC you have a chain of retail stores called Miss Kiss Chocolates, you would need to file a DBA in the name of Miss Kiss Chocolates in each state or county in which you are operating one or more of your retail outlets. It's a lot less expensive, and easier, to file a DBA form than it is to create a business entity for each of your retail outlets. Keep in mind that a DBA is basically a form you file to register your trade name. It's not an official document that creates a business entity, as are the articles of incorporation for your corporation or the articles of organization for your LLC. At the time you file your articles for either of those entities, those formation documents also serve as registration of your official name. Transactions with financial institutions may then be conducted as long as your corporation or LLC uses its legal name.

Do I have to file a DBA if I am a sole proprietor or partnership operating under my own name?

Yes and no. If your sole proprietorship or partnership is a name different from your individual (legal) or that of your partners, then you have to file a DBA. If your sole proprietorship or partnership is the same name as your own (legal) name or that of your partners, then the filing of a DBA is not required.

But if you are Donald Johnson, a sole proprietor conducting business under the name of Donald Johnson & Associates, then you would have to file a DBA. Similarly, if you are a partnership composed of only two partners, Donald Johnson and William Jones, yet you decide to name your company Johnson, Jones & Associates, you must register a DBA. Otherwise, you might mislead the public into thinking that instead of just you, or you and your named partner, your company is made up of many individuals.

Am I the only entity entitled to use my DBA?

No such luck. The filing of a DBA form does not guarantee you absolute use of a trade name. In many states or counties, as long as you've filled out the fictitious business name statement correctly, the document is processed regardless of the similarity of your business' name to that of another business. In other states and counties (and as it is with corporations and LLCs), you may not be able to use the name if it's currently being used or is too close to that of an existing business. In some states, the first person to register for a DBA is entitled to use the name in business. So as to avoid confusion, it's a good idea to try and be different from an existing name if at all possible.

Do I need a taxpayer ID (EIN) number for my DBA?

Anytime you start a business, it's necessary for you to use either your Social Security number or a taxpayer ID number for federal tax purposes. Obtaining a unique taxpayer ID number, which is also known as an EIN or federal tax ID number, for your business is always a good idea because it clearly delineates the difference between your business entity and you as an individual.

May I file more than one DBA?

Most states allow a individual or business entity to operate under multiple DBA's.

When may I operate under my DBA name?

You need to file your DBA before you can start a business or open a bank account. As soon as it is placed on record and certified by the County or State you may proceed with operations.